Email Verification Add-on vs. VoilaNorbert Service

An effective alternative for verifying your email lists

For email marketing, it is crucial to have a clean contact database. Email Verification Add-on and VoilaNorbert platform provide an opportunity to check your contacts and reach potential leads easily.

Take a look at the core values of each of these email validators:

Email Verification Add-on vs. VoilaNorbert Service


Simple and accurate tool

You don’t need to create an account or sign a contract for using the functionality of VoilaNorbert service. Specify how many emails will be verified, upload the file or copy and paste the contacts from the spreadsheet. Then, pay for a certain number of verifications and proceed to check contacts online. 

Integrated verifier

Email Verification Add-on is easy to use because it is integrated into Google Sheets. All you need to do is to install the add-on from the G Suite Marketplace and apply its functionality to the spreadsheets, where the contacts are.


Email guessing algorithm

VoilaNorbert doesn’t store anything other than your email address in its system. It uses an email guessing algorithm that tries to identify information about contacts based on the data you input.

Google verification

Email Verification Add-on has been tested by the Google team and has a high level of security. Your data isn’t collected on its services and doesn’t spread further.


Unlimited number of contacts

In terms of verification volume, you can verify as many or as little emails as you need in a single file with VoilaNorbert software. 

Up to 230K contacts

With Email Verification Add-on you are allowed to verify the lists of up to 230,000 contacts directly in the Google Spreadsheet. The process takes 5 min for up to 300 contacts and 30 min for more emails.

Email Verification Add-on in action
Email Verification Add-on in action


Pre-paid option

On the VoilaNorbert platform, a pre-paid option is available. Buy a necessary number of verifications and proceed to identify email addresses. The price is $0.003/contact up to 500K and $0.001/contact above 500K. 

Various options

When you install Email Verification Add-on, you automatically get 50 verifications for free. Moreover, if you add your email, write a review, and share the add-on on Linkedin, you receive 800 more free credits. Also, there are different pre-paid packages starting from $12 for 1,000 verifications.

The bottom line

The email verifier really helps to clean out the junk contacts and ensure that your marketing account will not be blocked. With Email Verification Add-on and VoilaNorbert service you just add a list of email addresses and get verification data simply and quickly.