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How to use the add-on for email verification?

1. Create headers to understand data: Add-ons -> Email Verification Add-on -> Open -> Create headers.

Create headers to understand data
Launch the add-on

2. Paste a list of email addresses into the first column.

3. Type =VerifyEmail function in the next column cell, pick first email address you want to verify and press Enter.

Create headers to understand data
Use email verification function

4. Click and drag a handle, dragging down the column from the cell with the =VerifyEmail function to execute the verification process for other email addresses. Verify up to 20 email addresses at a time.

Create headers to understand data
Execute the process for others

5. Wait a few seconds to get results.

6. Now you can move forward with other contacts in your list.

What do result columns mean?

1.«Is deliverable?» column shows if an email is deliverable or not.

2. «Host status» column shows if a domain exists and a mail server is reachable at all.

3. «Inbox status» column shows if an email inbox is full or empty.

4. «Catching-all status» column shows if a domain has a catch-all address associated with it (if it will catch all of the emails addressed to the domain that does not exist in the mail server).

How can I increase my amount of quota?

1. Open Settings: Add-ons -> Email Verification Add-on -> Settings.
2. Choose the amount you want to increase your quota by.

3. Pay securely with Stripe.

Do you have a demo video on how to use the add-on?

Simple verification demo:

PRO verification demo:

If i don’t want to use quota I own, will I be refunded a partial amount?

No. You will still have access to an amount of quota you own. Increase Quota fees are not refundable.

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